About Dr. Milap Shah

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Dr. Milap Shah is a consultant physician, ID specialist & medical director at the Remedy Krishnashray Hospital, Bharuch. He has also served as a consultant physician and as a medical superintendent at Smt. LGM General Hospital, Bharuch. Previously, he was a consultant physician at Sunshine Global Hospital, Vadodara. Dr. Milap Shah manages all medical emergencies and critical patients in ICU. He also organizes free medical check-up camps at regular intervals. Dr. Milap Shah is also a professional speaker and has delivered lectures on awareness of diabetes, hypertension, heart attack at corporate industries and other organizations like Rotary Club.

Dr. Milap Shah

MBBS (Gold Medalist), MD (Medicine), C.C.E.B.D.M, AFIH, PGID

Consultant Physician, Diabetologist & Medical Director, RK Hospital

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